2012 Morningside Campus Annual Steam Shutdown

     The 2012 Annual Campus Steam Shutdown is scheduled for Friday May 18,

2012.  This shutdown is necessary to facilitate needed repairs and

maintenance on the steam system that cannot be performed during normal

operations.  Shutdown activities will begin at 12 AM Friday morning,

5/18 and service will be restored by approximately 2 AM Saturday

morning, 5/19.

     Construction and repair activities will be performed in mechanical

spaces and will therefore not be visible to most staff and visitors. 

Facilities Operations will make every effort to maintain normal

building temperatures but specific heating, including heat and hot

water as well as  humidification will not be available during the Steam Shutdown.

Please contact the Facilities Services Center immediately at X42222 if

there are any unexpected issues or concerns.  Your support and

assistance in helping us maintain our equipment in working order is

greatly appreciated by Columbia University Facilities.