Bike Shop Discounts with CU ID & Bike to Campus Day

Dear Public Safety Friends,                              

Bicycling is a quick and health way to get around the City. Columbia students, faculty and staff receive discounts at most of the local bicycle shops near the Morningside and CUMC campuses simply by showing their ID Cards. Some discounts do not apply directly to bicycle sales, so be sure to ask.

Here is a list of bike shops that give discounts with a CU ID:

  • Innovation Bike Shop - 5% off with CU ID
    105 West 106 Street / Columbus Ave
  • Mod Squad - 10% off with CU ID
    2119 Freedrick Douglas Blvd. / West 116 Street
  • Champion Bicycles - 7% off with CU ID
    896 Amsterdam Ave / West 104th Street
  • Eddie's Bike Shop - 10% off with CUID
    490 Amsterdam Ave / West 84th Street
  • Victor's Bike Shop - 10% off with CU ID (PUBLIC SAFETY SAFE HAVEN)4125 Broadway  / West 174 Street
  • Strictly Bicycles - 10% off with CU ID
    2347 Hudson Terrace / Hudson Terrace, Ft. Lee, NJ

CU Public Safety offers the following Bike Theft Prevention Programs:

  • FREE Bike Registration with the NYPD / CU   (By appointment 212-854-8513)
  • Discount Kryptonite Bike U-Locks  $20 Series 2, $45 NY U-Lock, $70 NY Forgetaboutit
  • Discount "The Club" Bike Locks  $10
  • Discount PIN HEAD Locks for your Tires & Seat  $30. Please avoid cable type locks because they can easily be cut.

Bike Rack Locations:

Coming Soon: Part of Earth Week 2011

  • Morningside - Tuesday April 19th
    Ride Your Bike to Campus Day - FREE Bike registration & tune ups and discounted bike locks
  • Medical Center - Friday April 22nd  
    Ride Your Bike to Campus Day - FREE Bike registration & tune ups and discounted bike locks 

Thank you,

Ricardo Morales
Manager Crime Prevention Programs
Crime Prevention Specialist
Department of Public Safety
Columbia University