Clean & Go Green

About "Clean + Go Green"

Columbia University Facilities has partnered with Undergraduate Housing, Environmental Health & Safety, Environmental Stewardship, and Eco-Reps to help you. Twice a year, as part of our "Clean + Go Green" program, we will make dumpsters available across campus, at no cost to you, for the disposal of large unwanted items. You can also shred paper as well. Best of all, Facilities will properly separate your items for donation and recycle them. That way, when you clean, you "go green!"

You can help ensure that our "Clean + Go Green" program is a success--please spread the word! Should you have any questions about this event or need other facilities-related information, please contact the Facilities Services Center at 212-854-2222. We look forward to seeing you at Clean + Go Green!

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"Clean + Go Green" will occur 8:00 a.m.--4:00 p.m. on the following dates: (*Note that summer 2021 Clean + Go Green is pending due to the Covid-19 pandemic)











 Wed. July 13


 Wed. July 12


 Wed. July 10



Thurs. July 14 


 Thurs. July 13


 Thurs. July 11



 Fri. July 15


 Fri. July 14


 Fri. July 12









Thurs. Dec. 2


 Thurs. Dec. 1


 Thurs. Nov. 30


 Thurs. Dec. 5

 Fri. Dec. 3


 Fri. Dec. 2


 Fri. Dec. 1


 Fri. Dec. 6

Please visit this Web site for updates and changes.

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You can bring the following items to a "Clean + Go Green" drop-off location:


  • Clothing
  • Textiles & Linens
  • Non-perishable Food
  • Coats
  • Shoes
  • Books
  • Small Household Items
  • Furniture
  • Computer Monitors, Keyboards and CPUs (please clean your hard drive prior to drop-off)
  • Paper/Cardboard
  • Batteries
  • Electronic Equipment
  • Books
  • Desk Lamps
  • Toner Cartridges
  • Paint Cans

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  • Reuse/Donation Drop-off Location: White tent on College Walk
  • Recycling Drop-off Locations: Fairchild Courtyard; Walkway between Lerner Hall and Butler Hall; and the Grove waste management area
  • Paper Shredding Location: Between Low Library and Kent Hall

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Need Help Moving Your Stuff?

For a fee, movers will come directly to your office to collect and recycle your unwanted items. Contact the Columbia University Facilities Services Center at 212-854-2222 48 hours prior to each event and mention "Clean + Go Green" to request this service.

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During each event, you can bring items to College Walk for shredding. A Code Shred truck will be available for all of your shredding needs until the shredder truck becomes full.

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Don't throw your used books away--donate them instead! Bring your used books to the event location, and we will find them a new, happy home.

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Found Something Special For Columbia's Archives?

Help preserve the institutional memory of the University. Please reach out to the University Archives at [email protected] so staff can assess what you have for possible long-term preservation.

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