Congratulations to Joe McCormick of Public Safety's Fire Safety Unit



Dear Team,


Congratulations to our very own Joe McCormick who participated in the Ride for 911 bike event that raised over $50,000 this past weekend


Joe road 103.5 miles from Philadelphia to NYC 100 Street & Riverside Park.


The Ride For 911 is part of two great organizations-

The Leary Firefighter Foundation is dedicated to providing equipment and training to firefighters across the United States, ensuring firefighters come home in the same condition they go to work. The LFF was founded by actor/comedian Denis Leary in 2000, after his cousin, childhood friend, and 4 other firefighters died in a tragic fire in December of 1999. Since then the LFF has been involved in various fundraising activities and have been expanding their fundraising efforts across the United States. With the help of the LFF, we will be working to develop a program to provide half piece canister based respirators for firefighters to wear during the overhaul phase of firefighting. In so doing reducing the risk of respiratory illnesses and cancers in firefighters.

The Wounded Warrior Project was founded in 2004 by a group of veterans and friends to help injured servicemen and women returning home from Afghanistan and Iraq. Their mission is to provide various forms of support to the wounded aiding in their road to recovery. Their programs focus on four main areas: Mind, Body, Economic Empowerment, and Engagement.


Way to go Joe!