CU Facilities Launches Services Center – Call x4-2222 For All Your Facilities Needs - July 10, 2006

July 10, 2006

Dear Colleague,

You may have recently heard about the improvements we are making at Columbia University Facilities in order to serve you better. One of the initiatives we are most excited about is the launch of the new Facilities Services Center, the single point of contact for all of your facilities needs.

The Services Center offers significant advantages over the former Area structure. New technology will enable us to manage data in a smarter way to better understand your needs, more accurately track work orders, and offer faster solutions. In addition, the Services Center is centrally located on campus in B-230 East Campus, alongside the facilities campus operations team. This allows us to easily collaborate with the facilities shops (such as electrical, plumbing and custodial) that provide services directly to you.

But the real stars of the Services Center are the Service Coordinators (formerly Tenant Representatives), the people you are connected to when you call. These extraordinary individuals are all Columbia employees, and many of them have been with the University for years. They care deeply about making Columbia work, and because they now all sit in the same room, can easily work together to best assist you with any of your facilities needs.

You can now reach the Services Center for all of your facilities needs by simply dialing one number: x4-2222. Unlike our former structure, where representatives juggled multiple calls at the same time, the Services Center features an automated system that routes each client call to the next available Service Coordinator. As a result, you may experience a wait-in-queue in the event that our Service Coordinators are all engaged. However, this enables us to dedicate attention to your call in order to address your needs more efficiently. We appreciate your patience as we work to provide the highest level of service to you, our client.

Please note that although the former Area phone numbers still work, all calls made to these numbers will now be routed to x4-2222. The former Area numbers and "fix-it" e-mails will be phased out in the coming weeks and months.

We expect that having one place to go for all of your facilities needs will allow you to interact with us in an easier, more transparent way. I invite you to begin using the Services Center for your facilities needs. You may also feel free to contact me directly with any questions or concerns as we implement our new way of working to serve you better.


Fred Small

Columbia University Facilities Services Center


[email protected]