Capital Project Management & Planning

Capital Project Management & Planning  is committed to providing the highest quality architectural, engineering, planning, project management, cost control, and construction related services. Our department directly manages a wide array of renovation and improvement projects for existing buildings, oversees all aspects of the construction of new facilities, and ensures that the highest architectural and engineering standards are maintained.

Capital Project Management & Planning Groups

  • Project Management
    The Project Management staff oversees all aspects of major construction projects, including development of plans in consultation with academic and administrative clients, scheduling, construction management, and verification of the quality of all work from design through construction completion and user move-in. Project management interacts with Operations, Engineering, Environmental Health & Safety, Risk Management, General Counsel and other university departments, as needed. Project management staff supports and reports on University initiatives.
  • Capital Improvement
    The members of the Capital Improvement group are responsible for executing renovation and enhancement projects with budgets less than $1 million from inception through completion (which includes design development, the bid and award process, and construction).
  • Historic Preservation
    The Exteriors and Historic Preservation (EHP) team of project managers (architects, conservators, and engineers) maintains a portfolio of more than 250 buildings; restoring and cleaning historic facades. EHP pays critical attention to a building's details-color, texture, coursing, etc., referencing historic images of each structure. Exteriors and Historic Preservation has an ongoing list of projects which will be used to revitalize the campus and Columbia's neighboring communities.
  • Planning
    The Planning team provides a long-term perspective on University space with respect to its development, use and management. The group identifies ways to put all University space resources to their "highest and best use" and define and negotiate space exchanges between University departments and groups. The staff also provides early stage coordination and advice on complex capital projects to make sure key elements work together to fulfill the projects' purposes.