Earth Day Energy Saving Tips

Happy Earth Day! We encourage you to utilize the following tips in order to be "greener" today and each day forward.

  • Turn off the lights in unoccupied rooms
  • Unplug all appliances and tools when not in use
  • Bike to campus - It's one of the most healthy, economical, fun and environmentally friendly ways to commute! Visit Public Safety's Web site for bike safety tips, maps, and additional resources.
  • Recycle all materials and please dispose in proper recepticles
  • Purchase and use reusables (cups, glasses, plates, etc).
  • Repair items, like shoes and leather goods, when feasible
  • Donate rather than dump clothing, furniture, and additional items

Columbia University Facilities is committed to reducing the University's carbon footprint and maintaining "green" operations. You can learn about these sustainability initiatives and ways in which you can participate by viewing the "sustainability" section of this Web site.

For additional earth-friendly tips, visit the University's Environmental Sustainability Web site.