Facilities "Production Meeting" to Enhance Client Communications

With summer construction projects in full swing and a month to go before the first Columbia University students start to move into residence halls, about two dozen department and school administrators from across the University came together on July 21, 2011 for Facilities Operations' monthly "Production Meeting." Led by Facilities Vice
President of Operations Frank Martino, the meetings are a forum for academic building occupants at the Morningside campus to share their thoughts and concerns about
maintenance and renovation projects. That, in turn, helps Facilities to continuously improve its services and communications with clients across the University.

From the success of this summer's Clean & Go Green, a sustainability-focused event in which Facilities arranged for the disposal, recycling, or donation of unwanted items, to late night cleaning requests, Facilities received constructive feedback from all who attended the meeting. For information on upcoming Facilities production meetings and a list of departmental or school representatives, please contact Mel Gionson, senior administrative coordinator for Frank Martino, at [email protected].

Photo Above: Approximately two dozen Facilities Operations team members and University department and school representatives discuss campus maintenance and renovation projects during a July 21st Production Meeting, led by Facilities Vice President of Operations Frank Martino (fourth from left).