Loretta Zuk Recognized as Superintendent of the Year by 32BJ SEIU

Loretta Zuk, a building superintendent at Columbia for more than 30 years, receiving the “Superintendent of the Year” award at the 11th annual Building Service Worker Awards ceremony.

Loretta Zuk, a superintendent at 547 Riverside Drive, was honored as superintendent of the year at the 11th annual Building Service Worker Awards. The awards, organized by 32BJ and Straus News, recognize the best workers across New York City’s five boroughs.

Loretta has worked at Columbia for more than 30 years.

According to a 32BJ spokesperson in a report in Moneyish, “the vast majority” of the roughly 3,200 New York residential superintendents within the union are men. In speaking to the West Side Spirit, Zuk said: “I absolutely feel like a pioneer. That’s what I’m most proud of. I wish more women would get into this because it’s a great job.”

Loretta has been featured in several news outlets, including a New York Times story about the rarity of female building superintendents in New York City, and a feature in Moneyish (part of the Dow Jones network), in the outlet’s “Ceiling Smashers” series in which successful women across industries tell Moneyish how they broke down professional barriers.

The Moneyish article also included a video feature interviewing Loretta and telling her story on how she came to her job as a superintendent with Columbia.