New 2010 NYC Bike Maps are here!

Dear Public Safety Friends,

The 2010 NYC Bike Maps are in!  New in this year's Bike Map:

  • Bike Smart Safety Tips
  • New 30 plus bike routes added.
  • New safety features added to existing & new bike routes.
  • Bikes on transit.
  • Bike shops.
  • Sheltered Parking locations

You can pick one up at the following Public Safety Locations:

Morningside Campus:

Low Library room 111  (24 Hrs)
Public Safety Guard Booth West 116 Street & Broadway

Medical Center:

650 West 168 Street, room 109 Black Bldg   (24 hrs)

CU Facilities has done an outstanding job in adding over 200 Bike Racks all over campus as part of Columbia Go Green, to view a map of the bike rack locations on campus please click here:  


  • Bike racks are for DAILY USERS not for long time storage. Abandon bikes will be removed.
  • Please use BIKE RACKS not handrails or stairwells.
  • Use a U-Shape type lock securing the frame & tire to a bolted down bike rack. Avoid using cable type locks they can easily be cut.

Need a discounted U-Lock, get one at CU Public Safety as little as $10:

Low Library room 111   9am-5pm Mon-Fri
650 West 168 Street, room 109 Black Bldg   (24 hrs)

Locks available:

  • The Club Ultra U-Bike Lock- $10
  • Kryptonite Series 2- U-Lock- $20
  • Kryptonite NY U-Lock- $45 (Comes with NY bike theft Insurance)
  • Kryptonite NY Forgetaboutit Chain- $70  (Comes with NY bike theft Insurance)

While you are at it, get your Bike Registered with NYPD & CU Public Safety Nationwide, Free by appointment, call CU Public Safety Crime Prevention 212-854-8513.

Thank you,

Ricardo Morales
Manager Crime Prevention Programs
Columbia University
Department of Public Safety