New Crime Prevention Program Added for 2011

Dear Public Safety Friends,

CU Public Safety has added another effective crime prevention program to help prevent bike wheels and seats from being stolen. PINHEAD Security 3 packs (Seat & 2 Wheels) are now available at CU Public Safety at a discounted price of $30.

PINHEAD can be purchased at the following Public Safety locations:

  • Morningside Campus Public Safety Office
    Low Library, Room 111 
    Mon-Fri, 9.a.m.--5.p.m.
  • Medical Center Campus Public Safety Office
    650 West 168 Street
    Black Bldg, Room 109
    24 hours

More information on PINHEAD can be found at

Also available at discounted prices:

  • Kryptonite Bike Locks: $10, $20, $45 & $70
  • Stop Theft Tags $13
  • Kensington Laptop Locks: $25
  • The Club & The Cover for Autos: $12, $20 (The Cover $10)

For more information on all lsecurity devices please call 212-854-8513.

Thank you,

Ricardo Morales
Manager Crime Prevention Programs
Columbia University Public Safety
Fax  212-932-0798