New Safe Havens Added- Morningside Community

Dear Public Safety Friends,

Big Public Safety welcome to new SAFE HAVENS added in the Morningside Campus community:

  • Freda's Carrebean & Soul Food -- Columbus Ave & West 109 Street  (Free WiFi)
  • Vino Fino Wines -- Amsterdam Ave & West 122 Street
  • Café Bagutta -- Amsterdam Ave & West 121 Street
  • The New Amsterdam Café -- Amsterdam Ave  & West 119 Street

The SAFE HAVEN program are business in the community which pledge to assist Columbia affiliates or members of the Community in the event they needed help by contacting CU Public Safety or the NYPD. These businesses display a decal of a Columbia RED LION logo in their store fronts. 

To view a complete list of SAFE HAVENS in the Morningside, Manhattanville and Medical Center communities please visit:     

This list also provides hyperlinks to some of the business that have a Web site. 

Thank you

Ricardo Morales
Manager Crime Prevention Programs
Columbia University
Department of Public Safety