New Water Chillers Bring Energy Savings 

The chiller plant project reached its peak on January 31, 2011, when two new, ultra-efficient water chillers and pumps were delivered into the powerhouse. The 2,800-ton chillers-one driven by a steam turbine and one by an electric motor-will give the University the flexibility to draw on either steam or electric power, thereby reducing the stress on the electrical grid during the summer months and allowing the University to respond to changing energy costs and demand year round. The chillers, which replaces aged infrastructure, will produce chilled water 25 to 30 percent more efficiently, install 5,600 tons of cooling capacity (representing roughly half of the cooling capacity required to service peak demand for the campus), reduces the consumption of fossil fuels and greenhouse gas emissions, and allows the University to centralize its chiller plant, which was previously dispersed around the Morningside campus. Project completion is anticipated for late spring 2011.