Past Construction Projects

Summer 2017 Construction Information

While Columbia never takes a break from classes and activities, the summer session brings fewer people to campus than the fall and spring. While many students and faculty are taking a well-earned summer respite, Facilities and Operations is busy with construction projects large and small. Facilities and Operations uses the summer months to complete projects that can only take place when students are away, like residence hall renovations, and exterior projects that require warmer weather. Other construction projects are slated for summer to take advantage of a smaller impact on the decreased campus population.

The summer of 2017 is no exception, with many projects taking place from the Morningside campus up to the Baker Athletics Complex. The map and project descriptions below represent a sampling of the improvements taking place this summer that the university community can anticipate when they return in the fall.

If you have questions or concerns about any construction project taking place this summer, please email [email protected] or call the Facilities Services Center, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, at (212) 854-2222.

Summer 2017 Construction Highlights

Butler Plaza/Entryway to Butler Library (1)

Butler Plaza, the area directly in front of Butler Library, currently has steps and metal ramps that lead to the library’s entrance. This project consists of a complete plaza restoration consistent with the overall architecture and landscaping plan, including the replacement of the steps from the east and west approaches to the library’s main entrance with permanent, sloping pathways.  Read an update on the Butler Plaza project.

Avery Hall (2)

There are two projects taking place at Avery Hall this summer. The second-floor lobby area and passageway are being converted into gallery space. The project includes wall finishes, ceiling upgrades, new light fixtures and new flooring. On the sixth floor, we are replacing the existing floor with a new wood floor serving the two studios which constitute the majority of the 600 level.

Uris Hall (3)

Upgrades to the entranceway at Uris Hall, including a replacement of the entry doors and accessible entrance with new doors, security system upgrades and floor work.

Pulitzer Hall (4)

Upgrades to the Joseph D. Jamail Lecture Hall on the building’s third floor, consisting of new, accessible doors, new wood floor, energy-efficient LED lighting, acoustic ceiling and other historic restoration of the space including new, double-height arch windows.

Jerome L. Greene Hall/Law School (5)

Upgraded finishes and replacement and upgrade of equipment at the existing Lenfest Café, including replacement of the ceiling and floor, cladding on the equipment and new serving equipment.

In addition, two lecture halls are receiving audio/visual upgrades, replacing all analog equipment with digital equipment. The work also includes new carpeting and removal of the raised platform for the podium so that the lectern will be accessible.

Computer Science Building (6)

Renovation on the 400 level of the Computer Science Building, including the replacement of the concrete panel with windows at the exterior façade, renovate and expand the existing server room, create a 100+ seat classroom with new audio/visual technology, research labs and a new conference area.

Mudd Building (7)

The renovation of three wet labs on the ninth floor for the Department of Earth and Environmental Engineering, and one computational lab and six wet labs on the tenth floor for the Department of Chemical Engineering. A separate mechanical room will be created on the tenth floor to provide supplemental HVAC in addition to the existing building system. The renovations will include new lab benches, fume hoods, flooring, ceiling, light fixtures and an upgrade of the mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection systems associated with the improvement. In addition, the hallway connected to the area of work will have new light fixtures and ceiling tiles.

Northwest Corner Building (8)

Laboratory renovation on the eighth floor to accommodate researchers for Department of Chemical Engineering and Department of Biomedical Engineering. The scope of work will include a new fume hood, lab benches, an open lab area and associated mechanical, electrical and plumbing work for the wet lab.

In addition, there will be construction of a new lab for research in infrared spectroscopy of novel electronic and magnetic materials. The scope of work includes specialized chambers with stringent environmental criteria.

Schapiro Center for Engineering and Physical Science Research (9)

Construction of a new laboratory for research in quantum optics. The scope of work includes laser tables and mechanical systems designed to maintain extremely precise environmental conditions.

Fairchild Hall (10)

Construction of a new microscopy laboratory for mapping the architecture of neuronal circuits spread across entire nervous systems.

Havemeyer Hall (11)

Construction of a chemistry laboratory for researching catalysis while specializing in the development of novel catalytic strategies for selective organic synthesis.

Lewisohn Hall (12)

A refresh of the General Studies Student Lounge, including new paint, millwork, and furniture.

Carman Hall (13)

A modernization of Carman Hall, including renovations to rooms on floors 11, 12, and 13 to include new furniture, flooring, lighting, painting, and bathrooms. There will also be a new lounge across from the elevator on each floor and an accessible room added to each floor.

Wien Hall (14)

Renovations are being made on floors 3, 4, and 5, including new flooring in single rooms, replacement of radiators, new lighting and painting, and new vanities replacing the previously separate sinks and mirrors.  In addition, student lounges are being added to floors 3, 4, 10, 11, and 12.

East Campus Townhouses (15)

38 suites will be refreshed in Townhouses 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 and 10 including renovated kitchens with new appliances, updated cabinets, flooring, and lighting, as well as new painting, flooring, and furniture in the bedrooms and common area, and new bathroom finishes.

Ruggles Hall (16)

Exterior renovations to the entryway of Ruggles Hall will add an accessibility ramp to the building entryway and new entry doors for the building.

Lerner Hall/Wien Hall (17)

The mailboxes at Lerner Hall will be removed, and mail service will be relocated to Wien Hall.

Dodge Fitness Center (18)

Repairs to the stairs leading from the plaza down to the Grove.

Studebaker Building (Not pictured on map)

Construction of maintenance shops on the building’s first floor to support Manhattanville building operations.