Operation ID - FREE Property Engraving & Bike Registration

Dear Public Safety Friends,

Public Safety & the NYPD will be in the lobby of the Mudd building this Monday 3/9/09 from 11:30AM- 2PM  to engrave and register laptops, other electronic devices and bikes with the NYPD & CU Public Safety. 

Operation ID is FREE & makes it difficult for a thief to sell on the street or to a pawn shop.

Property engraved will be registered from NY to California.

We will also be offering the following:

  • FREE NYPD Blue Light (Invisible Ink) program  (Great for Cell Phones, Ipods, Laptops)
  • Discount PC Guardian Laptop locks.
  • Discount bike locks.

For more information on Operation ID or any other Crime Prevention Programs, please call 212-854-8513, Crime Prevention.

Thank You,

Ricardo Morales

Ricardo Morales
Manager Crime Prevention Programs
Crime Prevention Specialist
Columbia University
Department of Public Safety