Operation ID Helps Recover Stolen GPS

Dear Public Safety Friends,

Here is a nice recovery story below regarding one of our Crime Prevention programs:

NYPD Anti- Crime spotted & questioned a known thief who likes to break into cars in the Washington Hts community yesterday at approx. 1730 hours. In his possession was a auto GPS device which he stated belong to him. The police noticed that it was engraved & registered with our NYPD Operation ID program and called us.

Further investigations revealed that the GPS was stolen from one of our employee's who car was broken into on 11/21/09 on Riverside drive. He reported it to the NYPD 33rd Pct.

Dr. Morgan registered his GPS with us back in 2008.

Our Operation ID program did exactly what is meant to do:

  • Registered with the NYPD from NY to California.
  • Makes it difficult for a thief to sell (the item was stolen on 11/21/09) over a month later the thief still had it. No one likes to buy engraved & registered property with the NYPD onthe street.
  • The thief was arrested for possession of stolen property.
  • The owner was reunited with his GPS.

Operation ID is FREE & a great tool in the recovery of lost or stolen items. For more information on Operation ID or for an appointment please call our crime prevention office at 212-854-8513.

Also available, The NYPD Blue light program, same as Operation ID, invissible ink is used instead which can be viewed with a special police light. Great for cell phones and other electronics.

Thank you for your continued help.

Have a Happy & Healthy New Year to you and your family.

Ricardo Morales

Columbia University
Department of Public Safety
Manager Crime Prevention Programs
Crime Prevention Specialist