Photos of Columbia University's Gardens

Columbia University's majestic gardens include a variety of trees, shrubs, and additional plants. Please click on the icons below to better view the images of the Morningside campus gardens.


The gardens at Avery Plaza are enhanced by the University's historic 
     Photo by Lynden B. Miller


The plants at Uris Hall are among the University's hallmarks.
     Photo by Don Sussman


A student takes in the view of Columbia's plants.
     Photo by Lynden B. Miller


Students walk Morningside campus, surrounded by centennial beds.
     Photo by Lynden B. Miller


Columbia's east centennial bed enhances the University's landscape.
     Photo by Don Sussman


Community members seen sitting around the plaza at Avery Hall. 
     Photo by Lynden B. Miller


Saucer magnolias stand majestically around Wien Courtyard.


Andromedas, which decorate Butler Library, are seen up close.  


Perwinkles highlight the University's Chapel, Earl Hall, and College Walk.

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