Bike Patrol Units Increase to Enhance Public Safety

Columbia University Public Safety is adding supervisors to its bike patrol units at both the Morningside and Medical Center campuses. The increase in bike patrollers will enhance the University's efforts to maintain a safe and functional University community.

There are many benefits to having bike patrol units on the University's campuses. They include:

  1. Increasing Public Safety's proactivity in fighting crime, as patrol officers can monitor the environment and identify concerns before they turn into problems.
  2. Enhancing Public Safety's visibility in the community, which will result in twice as many contacts with the public than vehicle patrols. (Menton, 2007)
  3. Providing Public Safety patrollers with greater mobility in navigating the campus, which avoids obstacles that patrol vehicles would typically face.

Best of all, biking relies on human power as opposed to gas, thereby reducing the University's carbon footprint and supporting its efforts to go green!  

For more information on Public Safety, the bike patrol, and biking tips, visit: