Public Safety Helps Recover a Macbook and an iPhone!

On the week of November 18, 2013, an iPhone and a Macbook were recovered thanks to the NYPD / CU Public Safety Operation ID program.

Medical Student Thangarai's I-phone 5 was found on the street by a good Samaritan who noticed the Unique Police ID number on the phone and returned it to our Operations office at the Medical Center Campus. Student Thangarai (below) was contacted and reunited with her I-phone 5. 

MacBook belonging to SIPA student Yuting Feng (below) found by a good Samaritan in the NYC subway. Non-Affiliate Asia Carr noticed the Unique Police ID number engraved on the back along with the Police sticker and called our Operations Desk. Public Safety responded & picked up the laptop. Student Feng who registered her MacBook in the program in 2012, was jumping for joy when she received the call that her MacBook was recovered. Special thanks to good Samaritan Asia Carr for reaching out to us! You ROCK!

Property engraved will be registered with the NYPD and CU Public Safety from New York to California. Operation ID is FREE, EFFECTIVE, A GREAT LOST & FOUND TOOL and also makes it difficult for a thief to sell. For more information or to set up and appointment please call 212-854-8513 or schedule an appointment right on-line

If you have not downloaded the FREE PC and laptop recovery program, PC Phone Home or Mac Phone Home, from the CUIT website, please go to
If you have down loaded PC & Mac Phone into your computer over six months ago, you are also eligible for the new upgrade, just go to  and re-down load into your PC or laptop. The new upgrade has added additional bells and whistles to assist the Police & CU Public Safety in recovering your computer.    
Follow the instructions on this link for PC or Mac Phone Home.  This program is FREE for students, faculty, and staff only and will assist the police and Public Safety locate your laptop or PC anywhere in the world. Any questions, please call CU Crime Prevention at 212-854-8513.

Thank you for your continued support.