Public Safety Sports All-Hybrid Fleet

Although they sport a white exterior, Columbia University Public Safety's patrol fleet is now completely green on the inside. In May 2010, the last of the patrol's Ford Crown Victorias was retired, completing the transformation to an all-hybrid fleet of Ford Escapes and Nissan Altimas.  The new vehicles - there are 14 in total at the University's Morningside Campus and Medical Center - will reduce the University's carbon footprint by minimizing exhaust emissions and maximizing fuel efficiency.  

"This is a success for us on many fronts," said Vice President of Public Safety Jim McShane. "We'll not only continue working to keep the community safe, but also ensure that the air quality in our neighborhood will be cleaner."

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One of Public Safety's new patrol vehicles, a hybrid Nissan Altima, is an Advanced Technology Partial Zero Emissions Vehicle (AT-PZEV).