Stop-Theft Plates for Flat Screen TVs & Monitors

Dear Public Safety Friends,

Public Safety Crime Prevention offers several effective crime prevention products and services, either free or discounted. As more people purchase flat screen TVs and monitors, whether it's for their home or office, we strongly recommend purchasing a very effective crime prevention tool called Stop-Theft Plate, which can be bonded to the back of the TV (Please see photo below or visit  

As you can see from this link, it takes 1000 pounds of pressure to remove this plate, then its followed up with a permanent tattoo underneath "STOLEN PROPERTY".
By the time the thief removes this plate they will damage the TV. The STOP security plate is a patented, permanently affixed and bar-coded metal tag that actively deters equipment theft. STOP security plates mark equipment with a verifiable registration number, clear warnings, and indelible identification as stolen equipment that renders the equipment useless to a thief. It eliminates the reason for most theft: Resale value

Public Safety now sells the Stop Theft plate for both personal and office equipment at a discounted price ($13). Normal price for each plate is $25.

This plate is also great for laptops & projectors.

Plates can be purchased at:

  • Morningside Campus Public Safety
    Room 111
    Low Library
    Monday-Friday, 9:00 a.m.--5:00 p.m.
  • Medical Center Campus Public Safety
    Room 109
    Black Building
    650 West 168 St  
    Open 24 hours

For more information on the Stop-Theft Plates please call CU Crime Prevention at 212-854-8513.

Thank you,

Ricardo Morales
Manager Crime Prevention Programs
Columbia University
Department of Public Safety