Two More Great Recoveries from NYPD / CU Operation ID Program

Dear Public Safety Friends,

Two more great recovery stories for the NYPD / CU Operation ID program, in a matter of days:

12/30/10- New York Police Department (NYPD), 105th Precinct in Queens reports recovering an I-Phone registered in our Operation ID program. Further investigations reveals that one of our Morningside campus employees was pick pocketed her I-Phone while off Columbia's campus. The thief realized that the I-Phone was engraved and registered with NYPD & CU and did not want to be arrested for possession of stolen property, so he / she discarded it. A New York City fireman found it and turned it over to the NYPD. The owner was notified, and she picked up her I-Phone.

12/31/10- Public Safety Operations received a call from a good samaritan, who reported that he found an I-Pad registered in our NYPD / CU Operation ID program, while at the security check point in a Texas airport. Further investigations reveals that the I-Pad belong to one of our Medical Center employees who was on vacation for the holidays. He was notified and made arrangements for Fed Ex to recover his I-Pad from the good Samaritan.  

Operation ID works and best of all it's FREE. For more information on Operation ID or to set up an appointment please call our Crime Prevention office at 212-854-8513. Public Safety Crime Prevention will continue to set up Operation ID property engraving tables throughout the month of January 2011 and through May 2011 at various campus buildings. Dates, times, and locations will be e-mailed to the Columbia Community. You can also visit the Facilities Web site for updates.

Thank you,

Ricardo Morales
Columbia University
Department of Public Safety
Manager Crime Prevention Programs
Crime Prevention Specialist