University Chaplain Honors Facilities’ Outstanding Commencement Efforts

Each year, members of Columbia University Facilities work around the clock to ensure that Commencement Week runs smoothly. Hundreds of people worked for weeks placing 38,000 folding chairs, laying 12,000 feet of cable, assembling eight bleachers where bluerobed students from 18 different schools and affiliates come together for the only time in their academic careers. Facilities staff power-washed bricks, trimmed hedges and planted flower beds timed to bloom during the week-long festivities.

University Chaplain Jewelnel Davis honored Facilities team members on June 16, 2010 with a luncheon in the Choir Room at St. Paul's Chapel.  Among the honorees were Facilities' cleaners, carpenters, plumbers, and electricians  Facilities Executive Vice President Joe Ienuso and Assistant Vice President for Campus Operations Don Schlosser were among the speakers who thanked the team for helping to make this year's Commencement, despite the rain, one of the best ever for over 12,500 graduates and their families.